Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Our Easter

My Grandmother started a tradition in our family when I was small of hiding plastic eggs filled with candy in her backyard. Recently though the eggs now contain 1 dollar bill. My cousins and I were in charge of hiding them this year.

Yes, we hid an egg in this bush.

my cousins and I

Sarah and Lizzie, sweet sisters!

The waiting egg hunters!

(you all might be wondering why my brother has that thing on his glasses, he has lazy eye and we patch his good eye to help strengthen the lazy one, plus his vision in the lazy eye is very poor. He has improved dramatically in both vision strength and muscles since we started this about 2 years ago and will soon be able to stop patching!)

One found his egg!

oh! 2 found eggs!

Kat found hers!

The victors and their spoils

"Everybody hug Kat!"

"Everybody hug Stephie!"

"So long everybody!"

We had a great time!
God bless,

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