Friday, April 30, 2010

The Robin

A few weeks ago my brother was outside when he heard strange noises coming from a bush. Being the ever curious one, he set out to investigate. He found this Robin trapped. Some string was tied around it's leg and had snagged onto a branch.

Collin freed the R0bin, snapped a picture with his cell and then let her go.

When I later saw the picture and heard the story I thought it was another fun story about wildlife.

I was going to post the pic and tell you all about the rescue... but never got around to it.
Then the other day some problems came up and I thought to myself, "Argh! I am trapped by this!" And the Robin came to mind.
The Robin was trapped, and trying to free herself- but her efforts only entangled her further. It wasn't until my brother found her and set her loose that she was free.

I felt trapped by the problems, and was indeed making a fine mess of it on my own. Thinking of the Robin made me realize- I too couldn't get out of this alone!
So, I turned to my Redeemer. The Lord was good, and He "freed" me.

I have trouble with.... Worrying. I panic and make a fine mess of things. lol. Many young ladies tell me they suffer the same affliction.

I know the Lord is in Control of every situation- but I need to make this "head knowledge" into "heart knowledge".

Just thought I would share this with all of you! Finals are next week then I am on break till the fall. I still can't believe the semester is almost over!!

God bless,


Julia said...

Great post! Thanks! The timing was perfect. I have definitely been doing a lot of worrying the past week. So glad you shared this!

HIS daughter said...

Wow. Thank you so much for sharing your heart on this girl!
What an encouraging reminder to give our worries to the Lord!
Love and hugs!

Michaila said...

Great post! Wonderful encouragement!


p.s. - I almost forgot to ask you, but did you attend the Spirit-Filled Life conference/College Days at New England Baptist College?

George said...

Thank you for this great reminder!
:) Love Haley