Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sword Sunday

Dr. Shelton Smith, of Sword of the Lord came to visit our church this past Sunday!

We had 8 baptisms that morning PRAISE THE LORD!
I edited my video of it, and added nice music... I highly encourage you to watch it!

At the evening we had a special commissioning service for our youth pastor. He is leaving to take over a church in another State.

The youth group sang his favorite hymn at the reception later on.
"It is Well With my Soul"

We will all miss him and his family, and our prayers go with him!

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Rachel M. said...

Hi Rebecca! :)
I have a quick question to ask you and if you wouldn't mind responding to it as soon as possible, and commenting your answer on my recent post, that would be great!

The question is:
"How many times do bloggers check their email daily?"
So, how many times do you check your email daily?

The reason why I am asking such a question is because I am working on a statistics project for my college class. Thank you so very much, Rebecca! :)
Love and blessings in Christ,
Rachel M.