Thursday, April 8, 2010

What's Wrong with Holding Hands? part 2

I have received more comments on my first "holding hands" post.
One lady asked a great question, "how is this tempting your purity?"

If you are a typical young lady (like me) then you have probably seen one our two movies where the guy and the girl are walking along holding hands, then they hug, then kiss.
(and we all go "awwww" -lol!)

And we have seen our parents, and other couples holding hands. And it just looks so sweet doesn't it? It does.

So, how does "holding hands" have anything to do with purity?
Well, Dr. Bruce Miller put it best, "God designed men and women to respond to the touch of the opposite gender,"

Holding hands isn't "wrong".
But we decided once you take down the barrier and lower the standards, it just makes it so much easier to fall.

Now there are courting couples who hold hands and hug and maybe even kiss, and there isn't anything in and of itself wrong with that, it just lets down the barriers. You could still make it to the altar pure. But another sweet lady pointed out that she wished she and her husband had not held hands when they had courted, and they were pure to the altar.

Would I love to hold hands? Oh you bet I would!
But, we made a commitment.

Our courtship and rules have been a testimony to Justin's unsaved co-workers too!
One girl upon finding out that "Justin has a girlfriend!!" talked to him.
"So, have you kissed her yet?" she asked.
"No," Justin said.
"Oh, well, have you hugged her?" she asked.
"Nope," Justin said.
"Have you ever held her hand???"
"No," he answered.
"So... how do you know you love her then?!" she asked in surprise.
"I don't have to touch her to know I love her, I love her for her," Justin replied.
"That's weird," the girl said, then added "but it is nice too,"
If I remember correctly Justin was able to witness to his co-worker a little after that.

No, Holding hands isn't wrong. But it is just the rules we set for ourselves. Every single rule we set for ourselves probably wouldn't work for any other courtship, because each courtship is unique. God should be the one who guides in what rules you decide for your courtship.

Thankyou everyone for the comments I am enjoying posting on this subject! God bless,
~Rebecca... and Justin too!~
(-he helped me write up this one!)


Skye said...

Beautiful Rebecca (and Justin lol )! I REALLY admire ya'lls decision. Thank you for posting about it. :D

Miss Emily Rachael said...

I loved both parts to this topic! I feel blessed to be able to read your blog and know I'm not alone lol. Oh by the way when you..well Justin said "I don't have to touch her to know I love her, I love her for her," that by far would get a bigger aww from me then some couple walking along olding hands, hugging, then kissing lol.

Emily <3

Jennifer said...

Great post, Rebecca! I have enjoyed watching your courtship testimony! Keep on keeping on!

by the way,
this is Jennifer from God's been Good!

kate said...

Thanks for posting your thoughts on this! Courtship is something completely foreign to me, and always seemed a bit strange, but I am finding that it makes a lot more sense to me now after reading your posts. It's easy for even an outsider to see that you have a beautiful love story going! Thanks for sharing is such an open minded, thoughtful way.