Saturday, May 29, 2010

My New Friend

We went tag saleing this morning and I found several items, some special old children's books to add to my collection, a purse, a gift for a friend and this little guy! I love the old Muppet shows, so when I saw little Kermit, well... :)

Not only is he the perfect shade of green, Kermit also has a great smile!!

I have about 112 books in my collection and it is rapidly growing. Justin has about the same amount. :) Books are wonderful!!

So, more news! I have a friend visiting from Maryland tomorrow, I am sooo excited! And I am supposed to be going down south in a few weeks with a friend of mine.

Justin is doing great, and I have to just brag on him for a minute. I have been discouraged this past week and Justin has been so encouraging to me it is amazing! I am so thankful for how encouraging he is, it is a big blessing!

My dad is still trying to figure out how to get that virus of our main computer, so for now I am using the laptop!! Continue to pray we get it fixed!

God bless,


Friday, May 28, 2010

Hi Everyone!!

Hello everyone!

I know I haven't been writing for a while and there are two reasons.

The first reason is I have been working at my church's academy for the past few weeks, and I have been too busy to stop and blog! (today is my last day though)

The second reason is our computer got infected with a virus. This is going to prevent me from blogging for a while. I hope to try here and there. I would love your prayers for this to be fixed. It appears that we might lose our computer. I just hope I do not lose my photo files.

Things have been busy here, as usual. My mom is finishing up homeschooling for the summer. My siblings are very excited! LOL I remember those days too!

Justin is doing well, he is back home now. I miss him! I hope to see him soon.

Sunday is my church's 35th anniversary and I was asked to sing at the evening service. You could all pray for that too!!!! :)

Alrighty, I hope you all have a nice day!

God bless,

Thursday, May 20, 2010


For all of my new readers!!!

My journey on Courtship began on March 20th 2009. How it all began is quite the tale
December 10th 2008, the college at my church was having a Christmas Banquet.
It was a hard time for me, because my best friend of 11 years had just moved to a different state, and I missed her a lot I didn’t know many other college girls, so I was lonely. Long story short, I attended the banquet next to a courting couple. I didn’t know these two very well. What was “worse” was that I was facing an empty chair.

Little did I know what was about to happen...for God had a “reserved” sign on that chair
;) I see a hand on the chair, someone asks, “May I sit with you?” I look up to see a college guy, a sophomore student- (one I had at least known the name of for a year )- Justin.
I said, “yes”...and that was how it all began.

I think it interesting that for one entire year we both at least knew who the other person was, but never really knew what was about to happen. We had never really talked before that banquet... some people joke that we haven’t stopped talking since

Every courtship is different, Justin and I along with both of our parents decided to have the “no touch policy” rule, always have a chauffeur, etc. One thing we also have is something called, “Open Honesty” (we call it “total” honesty too.)

Even though we have chosen to court, and do things God’s way; the world’s dating methods and philosophy still infiltrates. Open Honesty is based on God’s word.
James 5:16 says
Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

Basically the world says, “when you are dating, put your best foot forward, keep your faults hidden,”
But in Open Honesty, we do talk about our faults to each other. Since the point of courting is marriage at the end, why not be honest? We have talked about how we deal with anger, personal fears, worrying, etc. As well as struggles.
Justin recently told me about his struggle (the world certainly is hard on our guys) He wanted to tell me about this particular struggle for a while, but was worried about how to bring it up. But there was no need for worry, as God totally prepared the whole conversation We girls are great at sharing our struggles and problems, but guys do find it harder, especially when it is with the one they love so much. I’m glad he shared his struggle with me. Trust is so beautiful to have!
I treasure the ability to know that I can share struggles and problems with him too, and know that he will not judge me for them, but pray for me and with me.
Girls, we can do our share to help our guys with their struggles. PRAY for them And if you want to know a really great way to help, visit this site...

Open Honesty isn’t just for problems We also discuss so many other things, fun things too. We talk about our preferences, standards, likes and dislikes, and opinions. We have had many talks about food likes and dislikes (they were hilarious )- Justin is now determined that he will someday get me to eat onions (I do not like onions by the way!). We have talked about raising children, running a home, driving, coupons, writing books, and on and on!!

I can not praise God enough for all his blessings upon this courtship, it is really wonderful to see how He has been leading it. It is worth it to wait for the one He has created for you. I remember what it was like to wonder, “Is there really someone out there for me? How will I know when I have found them?” It was a difficult time, but it doesn’t need to be. God does everything for His glory, and He will make sure how you meet that special someone will bring Him great glory. And it is very exciting to be apart of bringing glory to our wonderful Savior!

God bless,

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Journal

When I was 17 I started a special journal, one where every entry is actually a letter. I wrote letters in it to the man I will someday marry. It was such relief to "write to him" even if I didn't know who he was.
I'm still doing it, even though I do write Justin letters.

I wrote all sorts of things, dreams, hopes, scripture, burdens, prayers, songs, and poems.

When I was in the process of surrendering it all to God I realized I could "fall in Love" without knowing who he was to be. I prayed for this nameless, faceless, person and just honestly loved someone I didn't know.

And then, I met him. Now I pray for a person who has a name, a face, and a soul.

I'm thinking about doing more posts on my own courting process... leave me a comment at my blog and let me know what you think... what does a young lady like you want to know about the practice of an actual courtship?

I know other girls are doing this too!
Just imagine the sweetness of that moment when you give this book to your future husband, he will be so amazed to read the letters of love, from a young Lady who at the time had not yet met him! It will be a testimony of how you kept your heart for him, and trusted in God.

I told Justin about my journal several months ago, :) his response was one of total amazement and joy, he told me he is looking forward to reading it someday.

May God richly bless you!!!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chocolate syrup

When I was a little girl there were many things I loved doing at my grandparent's house, one of them was having chocolate milk. My grandmother always had chocolate syrup tucked away in a cabinet for me. I loved blowing bubbles in it.

(But that's a secret!!!)

I have a very exceptional recipe for homemade chocolate syrup. It is a tweaked version of Hillbilly Housewife's recipe.

Very yummy!

In a large pot mix 1 cup of cocoa powder with 2 cups of water at medium heat stirring occasionally.

Add 4 cups of sugar and stir until completely dissolved.

Bring the mixture to a full rolling boil. reduce the heat to medium low and let it bowl for 3 minutes.

just to give you an idea of what this looks like. This is why you need a large pot!

Remove the syrup from the heat add 1/4 teaspoon of salt.

And 1 teaspoon of vanilla

Stir the syrup. It will be thin- but as it cools it will thicken some.

Pouring the syrup into a clean jar is a bit tricky. (This is a 1 quart jar.)
Now, if you happen to have a canning funnel, problem solved! If you do not well, you can pour it in... but this stuff is incredibly hot! Or you can....

Cut off the top part of a bottle- like a Gatorade or Powerade bottle.

Any sturdy plastic bottle with a wide mouth will work.
And you can use it again and again! I guess that is called being frugal?

Using a ladle CAREFULLY pour the syrup into the jar. The syrup is VERY HOT! Be careful!

let it cool on the counter for about thirty minutes then put a cover on and refrigerate. By the time it is cool, you can enjoy it!!!
(if you make it in the morning it should be ready by supper time, and if you make it before bed... you can have it for breakfast the next morning!)

You might have a bit left over, you can do two things with it... pour it over some vanilla ice cream or....

Align CenterFind a few willing fingers and tongues in your family!

Much richer in flavor then the store bought brand. And it takes less syrup to make a decent cup of chocolate milk then the store bought too!

God bless,

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Anniversary and Birthday

May 10th was my parents 24th wedding anniversary!!!

May 11th is Katelyn's 4th bday!!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's day mom!

You have been a mom for 21 years! (You are an expert! ;) ♥ )
I love you so much and I am very thankful for you! I love talking with you and having fun.
You are a wonderful blessing!

I also want to wish Mrs. Muzyka a happy mother's day too! I have really enjoyed getting to know you! Thankyou!

I hope you and all the other moms out there have a really wonderful mother's day!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Through Gates of Splendor

Through Gates of Splendor
by Elisabeth Elliot

Through Gates of Splendor is the true story of the missionary work of Jim Elliot, Nate Saint, Roger Youderian, Pete Fleming, Ed McCully and their wives. The book focused on their call, surrender and service in Ecuador as Missionaries to the Quicha Indians and the leading of God in their lives to bring the gospel to the feared Auca tribe.

One of the predominant thoughts in the book, is the fact of total surrender to God and His will-
what it can do to one’s life and how God can use a fully surrendered heart. Over and over in the
book the sentiment of the missionaries love for God, above life itself, is challenging. These men
were husbands, and some were fathers- but above all there were God’s servants.

The men who envisioned the salvation of the Auca tribe did not turn back even when they
knew it could mean their lives. Their whole hearted dedication and sacrifice would stun the

The testimony of the wives of these five men is perhaps, at least to me, the most challenging
and beautiful of all. They knew their husbands might not return home, and they still said, “Go,”
They knew that their husbands belonged to God. And when the tragedy took place, and those
men never returned their widows continued serving God, even to the converting of two of the
tribesmen who murdered their husbands.

Reading this book caused me to wonder if I could be so dedicated. Would I be willing to be a
missionary to the very people who killed my loved one? This book has definitely challenged me
in what is truly important and what the cost of a life dedicated to God just might be.

image courtesy of

I had to write this book report for my mission's class.
By the way, school's done! I got an 86 on my Bible Doctrines II final and 100 on my Principles of Missions final!!
So, now school is done for me, Justin is done too... which means he goes home for the summer and I won't see him at church anymore. I will miss sitting with him at church. But, hopefully we will see each other often for get-togethers!!

I have a two week position at the academy and am praying that they will hire me for the summer. Whatever happens I know it is God's will. :) I just need to trust in Him. :)

Hope you all have a great week!!

God bless,
~ Rebecca!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Comment Alert

If you are receiving Chinese comments---

Please Do NOT publish them until you check them out!

All the comments I have seen so far in the Chinese language are links for vulgar and dirty sites.

You can go to Google Translate copy and paste the comment and translate it into English to check the comment's content first.

Some seem totally harmless- but the links are dangerous.

As a Christian I do not want such links on my site. And I want to alert my fellow sisters in Christ.

I highly encourage you to check the translation first before you publish them, and if you have published any go check them out- best thing is to simply remove them.

God bless,

Monday, May 3, 2010

Spring Banquet- "All American Picnic"

I met some interesting characters at the Spring banquet this year!

Great Costumes guys!

Justin :)

My dinner, there was much more food, but I am not into "All American Baked Beans" -in any way, shape, form or flavor!!

Patricia and I

Our Theme.

The meal was very good!

Dessert was funnel cakes. This was the second time I have ever had one of these!

"Any one want some funnel cakes?"

This has to be the cutest tootsie wrapper ever!

Tim... *ahem*... fixing his mustache

"Is it straight now?"

Anna and Jared (soon to be married!) sang a patriotic song while Tim played his accordian.

I didn't even know he played the accordion!

Justin getting into a patriotic mood.

The editing on this photo turned out great! It really looks like an old-time photograph!

"Grand Old Flag"

Another great song!

Mark read an excerpt from a famous sermon by Jonathan Edwards

It was very nice.

Mr. B. gave a great sermon!

Pastor Townsley led closing prayer.

An old-fashioned photo.

I thought we matched very well!

My friend Janierra and I.

Justin gets an idea for a photo moment.

Mark is very patriotic

Mark is a preacher

Mark has had enough pictures taken.

A few latecomers... here for the desserts that were left over.

Tim felt that he did not have enough hats, so set out to acquire another one!

However Bruce got his hat back! Yet, Tim was undeterred, as you shall soon see.

A few girls borrowed a few hats from a few guys for a few pics.

This resulted in Tim finally satisfying his desire for more hats!!!

A tribute to a few of the great men of history.
;) --Gotcha!!---
Believe me though, he is great!

Justin gave me some gorgeous lilies that night!

After the banquet Dad picked me up and Justin came to our house to visit.
We had "Ben and Jerry's" ice cream and watched an old tv show!!
It was a great way to end the evening!

God bless,