Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chocolate syrup

When I was a little girl there were many things I loved doing at my grandparent's house, one of them was having chocolate milk. My grandmother always had chocolate syrup tucked away in a cabinet for me. I loved blowing bubbles in it.

(But that's a secret!!!)

I have a very exceptional recipe for homemade chocolate syrup. It is a tweaked version of Hillbilly Housewife's recipe.

Very yummy!

In a large pot mix 1 cup of cocoa powder with 2 cups of water at medium heat stirring occasionally.

Add 4 cups of sugar and stir until completely dissolved.

Bring the mixture to a full rolling boil. reduce the heat to medium low and let it bowl for 3 minutes.

just to give you an idea of what this looks like. This is why you need a large pot!

Remove the syrup from the heat add 1/4 teaspoon of salt.

And 1 teaspoon of vanilla

Stir the syrup. It will be thin- but as it cools it will thicken some.

Pouring the syrup into a clean jar is a bit tricky. (This is a 1 quart jar.)
Now, if you happen to have a canning funnel, problem solved! If you do not well, you can pour it in... but this stuff is incredibly hot! Or you can....

Cut off the top part of a bottle- like a Gatorade or Powerade bottle.

Any sturdy plastic bottle with a wide mouth will work.
And you can use it again and again! I guess that is called being frugal?

Using a ladle CAREFULLY pour the syrup into the jar. The syrup is VERY HOT! Be careful!

let it cool on the counter for about thirty minutes then put a cover on and refrigerate. By the time it is cool, you can enjoy it!!!
(if you make it in the morning it should be ready by supper time, and if you make it before bed... you can have it for breakfast the next morning!)

You might have a bit left over, you can do two things with it... pour it over some vanilla ice cream or....

Align CenterFind a few willing fingers and tongues in your family!

Much richer in flavor then the store bought brand. And it takes less syrup to make a decent cup of chocolate milk then the store bought too!

God bless,


covnitkepr1 said...

I don't think I'll ever buy chocolate syrup again. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks also for stoping by my blog and leaving a comment. I'd love to see you become a follower...or Not.

Skye said...

Awesome post, Rebecca! How yummy!
:)Thanks 4 sharing. Oh, and thank yoiu for taking pictures. Most of the time I make things I'm like, "Is it supposed to look like this? " lol :D

Lloyd said...

This was a very informative post and I really enjoyed read it. Thanks so much for sharing. God bless, Lloyd