Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Comment Alert

If you are receiving Chinese comments---

Please Do NOT publish them until you check them out!

All the comments I have seen so far in the Chinese language are links for vulgar and dirty sites.

You can go to Google Translate copy and paste the comment and translate it into English to check the comment's content first.

Some seem totally harmless- but the links are dangerous.

As a Christian I do not want such links on my site. And I want to alert my fellow sisters in Christ.

I highly encourage you to check the translation first before you publish them, and if you have published any go check them out- best thing is to simply remove them.

God bless,


Amber said...

Thank you SO much for this warning! Yes, I've gotten those nasty things time I accidentally published one..*nervous laugh*

Brooke said...

I've had some of those and yes the site are very dirty and vulgar. Not to be mean, but I went and tried to find the comments and deleted them.