Saturday, May 29, 2010

My New Friend

We went tag saleing this morning and I found several items, some special old children's books to add to my collection, a purse, a gift for a friend and this little guy! I love the old Muppet shows, so when I saw little Kermit, well... :)

Not only is he the perfect shade of green, Kermit also has a great smile!!

I have about 112 books in my collection and it is rapidly growing. Justin has about the same amount. :) Books are wonderful!!

So, more news! I have a friend visiting from Maryland tomorrow, I am sooo excited! And I am supposed to be going down south in a few weeks with a friend of mine.

Justin is doing great, and I have to just brag on him for a minute. I have been discouraged this past week and Justin has been so encouraging to me it is amazing! I am so thankful for how encouraging he is, it is a big blessing!

My dad is still trying to figure out how to get that virus of our main computer, so for now I am using the laptop!! Continue to pray we get it fixed!

God bless,


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