Monday, May 3, 2010

Spring Banquet- "All American Picnic"

I met some interesting characters at the Spring banquet this year!

Great Costumes guys!

Justin :)

My dinner, there was much more food, but I am not into "All American Baked Beans" -in any way, shape, form or flavor!!

Patricia and I

Our Theme.

The meal was very good!

Dessert was funnel cakes. This was the second time I have ever had one of these!

"Any one want some funnel cakes?"

This has to be the cutest tootsie wrapper ever!

Tim... *ahem*... fixing his mustache

"Is it straight now?"

Anna and Jared (soon to be married!) sang a patriotic song while Tim played his accordian.

I didn't even know he played the accordion!

Justin getting into a patriotic mood.

The editing on this photo turned out great! It really looks like an old-time photograph!

"Grand Old Flag"

Another great song!

Mark read an excerpt from a famous sermon by Jonathan Edwards

It was very nice.

Mr. B. gave a great sermon!

Pastor Townsley led closing prayer.

An old-fashioned photo.

I thought we matched very well!

My friend Janierra and I.

Justin gets an idea for a photo moment.

Mark is very patriotic

Mark is a preacher

Mark has had enough pictures taken.

A few latecomers... here for the desserts that were left over.

Tim felt that he did not have enough hats, so set out to acquire another one!

However Bruce got his hat back! Yet, Tim was undeterred, as you shall soon see.

A few girls borrowed a few hats from a few guys for a few pics.

This resulted in Tim finally satisfying his desire for more hats!!!

A tribute to a few of the great men of history.
;) --Gotcha!!---
Believe me though, he is great!

Justin gave me some gorgeous lilies that night!

After the banquet Dad picked me up and Justin came to our house to visit.
We had "Ben and Jerry's" ice cream and watched an old tv show!!
It was a great way to end the evening!

God bless,

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George said...

I just love the way you did your hair!