Friday, May 7, 2010

Through Gates of Splendor

Through Gates of Splendor
by Elisabeth Elliot

Through Gates of Splendor is the true story of the missionary work of Jim Elliot, Nate Saint, Roger Youderian, Pete Fleming, Ed McCully and their wives. The book focused on their call, surrender and service in Ecuador as Missionaries to the Quicha Indians and the leading of God in their lives to bring the gospel to the feared Auca tribe.

One of the predominant thoughts in the book, is the fact of total surrender to God and His will-
what it can do to one’s life and how God can use a fully surrendered heart. Over and over in the
book the sentiment of the missionaries love for God, above life itself, is challenging. These men
were husbands, and some were fathers- but above all there were God’s servants.

The men who envisioned the salvation of the Auca tribe did not turn back even when they
knew it could mean their lives. Their whole hearted dedication and sacrifice would stun the

The testimony of the wives of these five men is perhaps, at least to me, the most challenging
and beautiful of all. They knew their husbands might not return home, and they still said, “Go,”
They knew that their husbands belonged to God. And when the tragedy took place, and those
men never returned their widows continued serving God, even to the converting of two of the
tribesmen who murdered their husbands.

Reading this book caused me to wonder if I could be so dedicated. Would I be willing to be a
missionary to the very people who killed my loved one? This book has definitely challenged me
in what is truly important and what the cost of a life dedicated to God just might be.

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I had to write this book report for my mission's class.
By the way, school's done! I got an 86 on my Bible Doctrines II final and 100 on my Principles of Missions final!!
So, now school is done for me, Justin is done too... which means he goes home for the summer and I won't see him at church anymore. I will miss sitting with him at church. But, hopefully we will see each other often for get-togethers!!

I have a two week position at the academy and am praying that they will hire me for the summer. Whatever happens I know it is God's will. :) I just need to trust in Him. :)

Hope you all have a great week!!

God bless,
~ Rebecca!

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Katarina said...

This is an amazing story, & the idea that note only did these woman tell their husband to go but two of them went back after the fact.

Also, have you read any more of Elisabeth Elliot's book? If not I would suggest that you do so, she's an amazing woman & her books are very convicting.