Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!

Why My Dad is So Special. . .

You are first and foremost a wonderful Husband to our Mom!

You always make time for fun and laughter,

You involve us in your projects...

And let us help you along the way,

You are ready with a smile,

You always make sure we get our hugs, (even when you are trying to nap!)

Dad and I,
(and yes my hair stood straight up when I was an infant!)

You have been a father for 21yrs now!

Dad and Brandon,

Dad and Collin,

Dad and Stephanie,

You always reminded us to say "cheese!" when our picture was taken,

And you made sure we were all smiling!

You helped us make memories,
(We are on the Mayflower II)

Dad and little me, and my Great Grandmother

You are always ready for a "hug",
(Sterbridge Village, 1998)

You are very Special Daddy, and I love you very much!
Happy Father's day!
(this is the 21rst one you know!)
I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all you do for our family, or how much you have taught me, or how greatly your godliness has been an influence to me.

To all my blogging Friends, I wish all your Fathers a Very Happy Father's Day too!

God Bless,

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