Friday, June 18, 2010

Maryland Trip Part 1

I was up at 5:10 on Tuesday morning. After a yummi breakfast I talked to my Fiance on his way to work- to make sure I was awake!! :) then at 6:07 Natalie's parents arrived to pick me up.

By 7:10 we were on our way to Maryland!

Some interesting sights along the way.

This building looked like it almost wasn't there!

NY City in the background

The trip was 5 hours... but we passed the time with games, books, talking, trail mix (with M&M's!!) and just looking out the window.

A very interesting building we saw in NJ. At least I think it was NJ.

These next four pictures were taken by Natalia as the K family waited for us at the station.

Haley is so excited!!!

Here is the train!!!

And here we are at last in Maryland! I am behind Natalie.
The K family picked us up at the station and took us to their lovely home.

The Fabulous K Girls! Haley (Hale), Galina (Lina) and Natalia (Tali)

We played "Last Word" the purple token won.

Looking at a dear little scrapbook calender that a friend made for Haley

Reading one of Haley's stories was a fun event. Haley has an exceptional talent for writing/telling stories with the perfect touch of humor and adventure.

Haley and Natalie outside the K home.

After watching a few episodes of that old TV show "Get Smart" we went for a walk.

Can we squeeze all four of us in?


Sweet Haley, she is to be a bridesmaid

Dear Lina, she is to be my Maid of Honor.

Tuesday night we watched "The Widow's Might"- a great film by the way!!

Wednesday morning found us piled into the van heading out to CiCi's pizza for lunch!!

Pizza is the best!!

Yes this pizza has macaroni and Cheese on it.

Well, is it good Hale?

It's delicious!!!!

After lunch we headed to National Harbor

- more posts coming soon!

God bless,

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Brittany said...

I Love CiCi's Pizza... My favorite is the barbecue pizza! :)