Monday, June 21, 2010

Maryland Trip Part 2

Wednesday afternoon we visited beautiful National Harbor.

Home of "The Peeps Store"

Everything you could every want with Peeps on it!

Like this mug! :)

Lina, Natalie, Rebecca, and Haley!

Peeps take on a more creative side!

Natalia and I

So sparkly. :) I am actually not a fan of peeps but they are cute.

What a "sweet" pillow! I love "Mike and Ike" candies!

Haley getting some Mike and Ikes!

A very unusual statue down at the shore.

All 5 of us ladies!!

Natalie and Haley.
boy, it looks like that big old hand is gonna grab some kids!!! lol

Hey, look its me!

Galina trying on some "new" glasses.

"Oh cool there are more!!"



Butterflies and Pistols

Yup, it fits you Lina!

Off to the next store!

God bless,

Part 3 on its way!!

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