Friday, June 25, 2010

Maryland Trip Part 3

So, after the fun store with the that had the strange glasses we headed of to the "America!" store.

We "met" a few interesting characters

Haley with a cut-out.

Natalia and Natalie with another one.
I wonder if these are true to life size?

The "Life is Good" store

I liked this T-shirt.

I did not buy this hat but the girls threw it to me before they took the picture. The hat has a little man running with the words "Born to run".

I loved this one!!! LOl

Haley's cute try-on.

With a towel this big and oh-so-soft..."Life is Good"

Tali is a huge fan of dogs, so we made a stop at a pet accessory store.

It was so much fun to be out with the girls!!

Pretty wall mosaic at National Harbor

Lina was so excited to see not one, but two limos!!

"We go that way!"

I love the balconies!

Walking very humid weather.

In the ArtCraft store

This is a "handle" on a platter

Some lovely plateware

Need a picture of Justin in this one!!! :D

Awesome bookshelf

These are handles for spoons believe it or not.

A very pretty lamp

Can you tell I am recently engaged???
Finding all this "love" stuff!

Very nice coasters

Oh look! There's the word "love" again!

a good reminder for everyone! This is a mirror.

A cute cake knife

This booklet had lots of different moods, this one was the funniest!
Put this on your desk to warn people!

Haley plays violin, so she loved this violin shaped cutting board!

Wouldn't he just love to know????

These were so cute!

This was a favorite!

This was interesting.

So true!!!

This should be my three year old sister's plate.

Love the sign!

Glass candy!

Last post soon!

God bless,

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