Sunday, June 27, 2010

Maryland Trip Part 4

The last post of the Maryland trip! There is a Surprise at the bottom of the post

Mr. K at the fountain

The water was so cold!!

Haley is trying to feel it too! The trick is to get your hand wet and not your feet!!

Tali, a photo-taking girl after my own heart!!!

On a humid day this was so nice to be near!

Galina got her feet wet!!!

Off to the last store

My Sweet Lina!

We all couldn't wait to visit "Charming Charlie"

The store sells mostly jewelry, handbags, hats, shirts and other ridiculous "bling" items.
I did find two pairs of sensible and very pretty earrings though!
The neatest thing about the store was everything was color coded.... the red section, the pink section, the green section, and so on.

Who says a girl can't have fun? ;)

I liked this hat, looks like Beatrix Potter!

Natalie and Haley looking at the rings... so big and shiny, we had a great laugh over them!!

Oh yes Lina, it is your color!!! :)

We had a field day when we found these tiaras. Don't we look sweet??

More sparkle... in fact these fake rings are so glitzy it hurt my eyes!!

After this store we went out for ice cream, then back to the K's house to get ready for church!!

The K's neighbor Rebecca came along!

The pastor

After service, Mrs. K got to talk to my Mom for a bit!

Thursday morning we were up bright and early...and headed to the train station.

Haley smiling sweet.

We said our goodbyes as the train pulled into the station.

This was the last picture before the train pulled out.
I was already missing the K family!

So, Natalie and I made our 5 hour train ride home.
I was able to witness to a lady named Virginia on the train, but she told me I was "too young" to know what I was talking about.

If you could all pray for Virginia, that would be great!

And now the Surprise!!

While in Charming Charlie we found these fake engagement rings, only one ring is real in this picture. Can you guess which one??

God bless,


Covey Family said...

looks like you had tons of fun in Maryland!!
I think 5 is the real one, but I could be wrong!


Brooke said...

My guess is looks liek yours! :) Sounds like you had a great time!!

Sharon said...

I guess 5 too!

George said...

I'm glad you did that surprise! Of course I can't guess because I was there. :)
Glad you had fun with us! We loved having you and Natalie!
Love you,
Haley :)

Deb said...

So refreshing to read of young woman of God who desires to live for His glory.

Carmen M. said...

Five or else three.

Happy to hear about your engagement. God Bless as you prepare for matrimony.

Jason and Tatum said...

I am thinking it is 5!

It does look just like yours!!


charming said...

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