Monday, June 14, 2010

My Dad's Birthday!!!

This past Friday was my Dad's birthday!
My siblings and I made cards for our Daddy on his special day.

Dad and mom in their early years of marriage.

At Sturbridge village with dad and my brothers.

A recent picture of my parents.

For dad's birthday we had yummy pound cake with whip cream and strawberries!!!

Happy Birthday daddy!!!!

I was going to post this Friday, but I was unable to get on the computer during the day and I went to a conference at church over the weekend. Things were crazy busy this week what with the engagement and all,
So, I say to my Dad:

I love you and I hope you had a great day!!! Next time I am going to schedule ahead of time!!! :)

My Dad is having a root canal done this week so please keep him in prayer.

God bless,


Miss Emily Rachael said...

Aw how cute! So I was looking at that picture of your mom and dad when they were younger and I realized how much you look like your mom! God bless!


Rachel M. said...

Happy Birthday to your dad, Rebecca!
God bless you and your sweet family. :)

Love and blessings in Christ,

Anonymous said...

Good fathers are so very special. Mine passed away holding my hand when I was only 26. I miss him everyday. I hope your dad had a happy birthday! :)