Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Our Engagement Day

On June 8th my family went to see Justin's family for cookout and some time of fun, games and fellowship. I didn't realize the night would turn out to be so much more.

Justin playing with Katey

I missed it, but they were sliding cars down the slide.

Stephie playing with Shadow

Playing "Boccie Bag"

Actually, a fancy version of bean bag toss!

Cooking the hot dogs! Yumi!


Katey was scared to death of Shadow, so Justin sat her down and had her pet the dog, she got over her fears with Justin there and actually petted Shadow!!!

Supper time!!

Justin helping Katey again. :)

Justin's mom took a few pictures too and here are her pictures...

My mom and Dad

Grandma and Grandpa B

You should recognize this couple!

Right after Justin took this picture he took out a piece of paper and asked me to read this "short story" he had recently written.

So, I began to read it.

"There once was a man who had a very serious question, but he could find no one to answer it. He searched and searched, high and low,, far and wide. Still answerless he searched farther and wider, even higher and lower. In the end he finally came back to his work. Content to wait for someone to answer that question. one day the King stopped by (you see they were very good friends) and told the man who could answer his question, but to find this one would be a long journey. However the man knew that whatsoever the cost the answer would be more then worth it. So he set out on his journey and now has arrived to ask the question of that special one who holds the very important answer."

When I flipped the paper over Justin got down on one knee, and I suddenly realized what was about to happen.

Justin proposed...

And I accepted.

But wait!!!

Because our parents said that they didn't hear the proposal loud enough...we had to do it all over again!!!

He asked me to marry him, and I said yes!

Praise the Lord!!!!

It is official!

Sharing the news with Uncle David and his daughter Leah

Trying to call our friends...

Still trying....

Still trying!! What a night to get Voice mail only!!!

About half an hour later we did manage to finally share our news!

A special night.

God bless,
Thankyou so much to everyone for their congrats!!!!!!!!!


Jason and Tatum said...

Congratulations!!!! I have been waiting for this day, it seemed so long in coming!!

TABB's MOMMA said...

Ahhhhhh So Sweet, Rebecca! You and Justin make a lovely couple!!!

Robin and Aimee

Miss Emily Rachael said...

Praise the Lord! <3

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Your ring is lovely, and you look very happy

Stephanie said...

What a stunning ring! I wish you both the utmost happiness! Congratulations!

Tara Traxler said...

Congratulations Rebecca! I've been "lurking" for most of the year, and I just want to tell you how encouraged I have been in seeing how the Lord brought you and Justin together and how you two have kept Him in the center of your courtship.
Praise God for His goodness!

Skye said...

Oi, I had to keep wiping away my happy tears to keep reading your post! My eyes were all blurry. lol CONGRATS!!! I'm so very happy for you guys! Oh, and your ring is BEAUTIFUL. :)

(Btw) Do you happen to have a FB page? I'd love to be friends if you do. :D

with love,


Brittany said...


Stephanie said...

Congratulations to you both!
I have been following your blog for sometime now so I thought I would pop out of the shadows and "introduce" myself! So "hi" and I will be praying for you both!

Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

I was so happy for you when Skye told me the news! Congratulations to you both! Oh and what a lovely ring ;)

hekatesgal said...

May you two have every joy that life has to offer and a smooth road!

Covey Family said...

Congratulations!!!! I'm guessing, your both VERY excited!!!


TJ said...

Congratulations to you!

Busy Mommy said...

Congratulations!!!! I have been waiting to read this news! I cant wait to see wedding pics.