Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Just taking a break from the Maryland posts,
Things are going well over here, busy as usual. My siblings are all keeping busy- be it creativity, art or mischief.
Justin and I are still praying over our wedding date. We are hopping to get together with my parents and his to start things off. It will definitely be sometime next summer.
I have been online looking at dresses, searching websites for ideas, figuring out a rough guest list and even taking a glance at wedding bands. (the ring kind...not music! LOL)
Once we officially set the date the official planning can begin.
My siblings are peppering me with questions like, "When you get married where will you live?"
"Can I come visit you?"
"Can I sleep over and then help you make cookies for Justin?"
"When will you come visit us?"
They are also telling me things too..."You can't marry Justin!"
"Well... Cuz I am gonna marry you!!!"
I also overheard a plot to lock me in a closet on the wedding day. If that doesn't work apparently Justin is getting locked into a closet somewhere.
I guess I better be careful!!! LOL
God bless,


Skye said...

lol cute post! :) I suggest you keep some tools handy just in case "you're" the one they lock in the closet on the wedding day. hehe Oh how I love little siblings<3

Anonymous said...

It's an adjustment for them. They probably regard you as a second mom.