Monday, July 26, 2010

Butterflies and Cicadas

Here we have a pretty little butterfly, Collin found him and brought him inside the house to show me!

It flew about the kitchen and landed on a lamp!!

So pretty!

Collin... the daring Butterfly wrangler. A very "dangerous" line of work.

taking a pic to send to his friends

Two such pretty things!! ;)

The butterfly and I

The day before we found a Cicada

I love these guys!! they are so neat to hold.
(yes he is on my wrist, and no it is not gross!!)

Matthew found him. He thought it was so neat too!

Sooo.... update!!

Remember how I told you we had a big bad ol' storm here? It caused power to be lost to the church. Well, I found out that my church has had no phone lines since then. So, we are praying that the phones are repaired soon!!

Justin is away at camp for the week as he is a counselor. I must say I miss him terribly!! Hopefully on Thursday his parents and I will go up to the campground to visit him and his sister Jessica... and of course all his cousins who went!! He has quite a few.

Wedding plans? Well, we need to have a meeting with Justin's parents and mine to discuss a few things. Everything has been so busy that doing this is proving hard!! I do know there is a slight possibility of a wedding earlier then August. But we are waiting to see what the Lord is going to do.

God bless,

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