Friday, July 30, 2010

GBC Camp 2010

So, in this picture of Justin and I you can see dirt, trees and some sort of pavilion.

Where are We???

At GBC Camp of course!!
This is a Baptist camp run by the church on the campground.
Justin was a counselor at the camp this past week and his parents and I went up Thursday afternoon to visit.

The hungry campers.

She is hard to see, but my friend Kate is right in the middle of this picture to the far back!

I was so happy to see Justin!
Cell phone reception is terrible out there so we had very few and very short calls, so it was very nice to be able to spend the afternoon into evening with him.

He was sick with a cold though, as were many of the campers.
Justin had 15 kids on his team that he counseled.

Justin's cousin Leah is in this picture!

Some more campers, and guests.

The fire pit.

Jessica with her parents.
(for new readers, this is Justin's family)

A few of the younger campers loved all the sand and dirt. lol

Trevor, Mike, Maxx, a young camper and Richie.
All friends of Justin.

The evening was somewhat cool so this bonfire was very nice!

Maxx saying his memory verses to Justin.

The attentive counselor.

He got a little stuck.

Maxx studying.

Trying again,

With moral support the verses were quoted well!

These young girls were so cute!
They were singing "I'll Fly Away!"

A better view of the pavilion and Snack Shack.

Some happy campers

Mrs. V showing Justin's mom some pictures.

Around 8:00 chapel would start, so the campers prepared for the service.

Minutes before the service... a rehearsal.
My Justin organized a group of teens to sing "Complete In Thee" that week.
He did a superb job!!

I got to come along to see the rehearsal!!

The song was accompanied by violin, double bass, guitar, and piano.

Discussing the song

"let's run through it again!"

Last minute changes.

Funny Moments

at 8:00 the service began, and ran till 10:30. We had music, a slide show, preaching, testimony time and prayer.

We heard a wonderful special music song accompanied by mandolin, banjo, two guitars double bass, and fiddle.

"He Lives In Me"

Justin's group getting ready to sing.

They did a great job! I think 3 churches were represented in this group.

"Complete in Thee"
You can hear Justin singing!

Evangelist Dan Souza preached, he was the camp's main speaker.
I love hearing him preach!!
Both he and his wife have a special place in my life.

"God's Infantry"

Pastor Souza used different types of traps to illustrate how we can be caught by sin.
The Net- catches us when we are idle.

The Rat Trap- catches with temptation (the bait)

The "Humane" trap- doesn't hurt the animal, but keeps it limited.
..."let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us," Hebrews 12:1

It was a great sermon, afterwards we went down the Snack Shack and Justin got me a Twix bar, my favorite!! Ain't he sweet?

Justin's parents drove me back home,
It was so kind of them to give me a ride!!

I went last year as a Surprise, at GBC Camp 2009 you can read all about that one!!

I am happy to report that Justin's team won the award for scripture memory!! You can keep him in prayer as he is still sick.

God bless,

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