Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Helpmeet in Training

I'm a Helpmeet in training.

Today my brother and I went to a car lot to go check on a car for Justin, however the car was not there!
Long story short I spent the afternoon trying to find out where this car was! Hopefully tomorrow Justin should be able to go look at the car. (Yes, we finally discovered where it was!)

I was telling my friend Galina about it and she said, "What a good help you are, and you are not even married yet!"

That was very kind of her!

I am a Helpmeet in training.
I have had this mentality since the courtship began. The time to practice and prepare is right now!

So what is a Helpmeet?
The dictionaries says it means
"one who is a companion and helper; especially wife"
"a helper suitable for."

Well, I'm a Helpmeet in Training.
And I have much to learn before and during Marriage I am sure!!

God bless,

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Gail said...

You are on a grand adventure! It is a wonderful thing to be.....a helpmeet....that completer, encourager and helper. I know you will be teriffic at it! I sure do love it! Gail Moore