Saturday, July 3, 2010

Independence Day Celebration

I was able to spend a day with Justin's family for an Independence Day celebration.
We went to see his Grandma "Momma Mary" and Aunt Stephanie.

Justin brought some guys who are staying at the dorms over the summer to visit.
This is Aaron.

Aunt Jackie, Jen, Jessica and Grandma B.

Grandpa B. at the buffet area. There were 8 pizzas for dinner and many Italian appetizers. I had to try Pickled Eggplant.

That's right Pickled Eggplant.
Tastes good...even if the name Sounds awful. :)
Justin insisted... "You are marrying into an Italian family- you have to at least try it!!!"

Actually into a Polish/Italian family if you want to be technical.
All of us proud to be Americans!! :)

The backyard's decoration was so pretty, very patriotic.

Justin's parents

I love his goatee.

Makes him look so handsome!

Aaron being Aaron.
We played Ladder Ball (aka Ladder Golf) Justin and I won.

We enjoyed some brick oven Pizza. I had traditional cheese, and one pepperoni.
Justin had me try some pizza without cheese, but didn't tell me he put crushed red pepper on it!!
LOL. Little bit spicy.

White, Red Blue!! Dan, Aaron and Justin's Dad. We went for a long walk down to a field to go see the Air Force Orchestra.

A few fun sights along the way was this old firetruck.

This is Dan, the other guy from the Dorm.

My Fiance.

I couldn't believe how many people were in that field!!

"Overture to Candide" was the first song.
Although we all thought he said "Overture to Candy."

White, red and blue again. Aaron was hoping they would do a Star Wars song, but I don't think they did.

Aaron, Jess and Jen.

Another Fire truck.

Aaron's Ice cream man. We made custom Ice cream sundaes when we got back to Momma Mary's from the concert.

Around 9 we headed out for the Fireworks show.

Fireworks used to scare me to death when I was small

In fact, I would pray for rain every Fourth of July!!

Now I enjoy them.

And all the beautiful colors and heart thudding explosions.

So, that was my big Independence Day celebration this year!
Last year I went to a wedding on the fourth of July. Justin and I had been courting for only 4 months at that time!

Well, God bless your celebrations!
Keep out troops in prayer.


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