Sunday, July 4, 2010

A New Look

Welcome to A Rather Unusual Maiden for God!!

Since I began this Blog in 2008 I have never changed the background!
So, this is a trial run... If I like this I will also change the title image. If I miss the old background, well, you will all know cuz it will be back!!

These are close to the colors I would like for my wedding... purple and green.

So, update on wedding plans!
The date is still not set, before the end of the month we should have one. I can hardly wait to have the date finalized! Then we can actually begin the count down!! YAY!!!

We would love a spring wedding, but we may have to wait till late summer/early fall. So in the next few weeks we are going to be in earnest prayer over what the Lord has for us.

God is so good and has enabled me to already be able to save some money for the wedding! I am so excited!!!
He has provided "little" things that have gone to the Wedding fund.

It is such a blessing that the Lord has enabled me to contribute too!

Justin and I are also looking into setting up a home business, something I can start now and continue after we are married.

Justin is still looking for a new car, so if you all could continue to pray that would be wonderful!

God bless,

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Anonymous said...

Be careful of scammers while looking for a home based business. If they ask you for any kind of fees for start ups, run and don't ever give anyone a credit card number... Best way to start a home business is just to start your own thing, not thru someone else. Good luck