Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Vacation Bible School -Monday

Well, VBS started off with a big old storm and ended with a rainbow. the rainbow was too faint to get a pic of. But, enjoy these other pictures!

I love your hat Mrs. McKeever!!

My brother, he is in my class.
Although he looks "wild", he was actually relatively quiet the whole evening!

Some of my class's more "enthusiastic" students

My cousin Sarah!

Welcome to VBS!!!
Mr. B is heading VBS this year.

"Swimming" around the Gym in a before-ralley Game

attendance was low because of the storm, but we still had a good sized group.

The Penny race, boys vs. Girls

The prize for the winners of the Penny Race at the end of the week!

The skit had a guy in full scuba diving regalia!!!

Class time for 2nd grade!!

A big bag of candy for best behaved boy or girl!!!

That got them quiet!!

Getting ready to sing

Do you see the little boy holding his Bible under his chin!?

Mrs. W talking to a little girl.

while Mr. W leads the singing time!

The Bible story was about when Jesus told Matthew to "Follow Me"

Devin taught a great lesson for the kids.

This was so cute, the kids chanted "Hup! 2-3-4, Hup! 2-3-4!" as we marched out to game time.

A very typical pose.... "SHHHH!" Listen to the teacher!

We played a very interesting game.

Handing out the Marshmallows

The two determined teams!!!

Playing "Marshmallow Toss" is not easy!

My Dad!

My cousin Sarah and I!

Playing Our version of "Duck Duck Goose"
"Dolphin Dolphin Shark!"

Mrs. McKeever and my brother Collin. I loved both of their hats!!!

The greatest blessing of the evening was that I was blessed to be able to counsel a young Lady, who prayed to receive Christ as her Savior!!!

God bless,


Rachel M. said...

Praise the Lord!!

Gail said...

We had VBS last week as well. It is always a fun time. It is good to see Mrs. McKeever in your pictures. She is such a tremendous Christian lady. Glad you got to lead someone to the Lord. That is what it is all about! Gail

George said...

I love that picture of you and Sarah!
Congratulations on leading a girl to Christ!!