Saturday, July 24, 2010

VBS -Friday

My little brother and sister all excited about VBS!!!

Scuba Stan asking who can quote Jeremiah 31:3/

This little guy started quoting from Ephesians and John!!

The Girls were hopeful...

And cheered real hard!

But the boys won the Penny Race Contest for the whole week.

Singing "Crunchy Munchy" one last time.

Oh, we named my scuba diver "Fred". lOl
Fred is on his way now to another church in NY to be apart of their VBS next week.

Parable of the foolish rich man.

Dr. B gives closing comments.

Class awards are given out on Friday, my little brother won a Betta fish!!! So "Captain Beta" is our new pet!!

I was able to counsel again and led another little girl to the Lord!!

God bless,

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