Wednesday, July 21, 2010

VBS- Tuesday

VBS day two!!!

Some of our class.


My friend Janeirra


Love the sunglasses!!

A little girl I led to the Lord!! I led two more that day!

2nd grader smiles!

My little sister led the Bible pledge

The girls won the penny race that night!

I taught the memory verse

Discussing the verse with the kids.

Parable of the lost sheep

Another day of "Dolphin Dolphin Shark!"

Much to our delight we discovered that the other teachers thought this game was the best too!

Fudgicles the bane of those wearing white!!! True to tradition... I got some on my shirt.

*rolls eyes*

Even the photographer can't resist the chocolatey goodness!

There's a real smile!!!

God bless,

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Covey Family said...

haha! I so hate eating fudge bars, but they are sooooo good!!!! A little tip: Don't try eating them when your doing something else! No matter how hard you try it will always get on your shirt! (You probably already knew that!) Have fun at VBS!!!