Thursday, August 12, 2010

Caleb's Birthday, Frogs, Wedding Plans and More!

The First time I met my little brother Caleb, he was 2 days old, I was 15 years old.

He and I grew very close very quickly. (Like his hair do?? We couldn't get it to lay flat! lol)

Well, today he is the big 6 years old!!!

Align Center Happy Birthday little Buddy!! I love you!!!


My mom found this in our pool this morning! He was sitting on a little plastic shark toy sunning...or maybe napping!

So, we put him in our garden. He is a happy frog now!


More pics from our trip coming soon, I have been a little behind schedule with blogging. But the good new is I registered for night college classes!! I will just need to take ONE more class next semester then I can graduate!!!!! YAY!!

Justin told me they combine the day college and night college graduation ceremonies, so I would, Lord Willing, be able to graduate with my Fiance!! That would be awesome!!

Other news, no car for Justin yet, still praying he gets one. (If you are a new reader Justin was in a car accident two weeks after we were engaged.)

Good news for his sister, Jessica got her driver's license!! Congrats to her!!

Lets see, oh yes, the wedding planning. Well, we are working on ideas for the wedding, still trying to get our parents together for the meeting to discuss setting a wedding budget and other details. Its been harder then we expected because the summer got so busy!!!

Does Anyone have any tips/links on how to find a real modest wedding gown?

You can all pray for me, I have an ear ache, and it does ache. Hopefully I will feel better soon!! Justin came to visit me yesterday and I was kinda out of it from the ear ache,- he surprised me with roses!

Well, God bless,


Anonymous said...

You can have a seamstress make it for you...

Marshmellow said...

Neesie said...

I have been following your blog for a little while but never commented..until now! lol.

I have a great place to find modest wedding gowns. Here is the link:
My pastor's daughter got her dress there and it turned out beautiful. Also David's Bridal will put short sleeves or long sleeves on most of their strapless dresses if you ask.

Covey Family said...

hey!! If you google simply beautiful, you should get a link to a modest bridal shop! I haven't been there in a long time, and i'm not even positive that that's what it's called, but i'm pretty sure! hope it works