Monday, August 16, 2010

Family Trip 2010- the Aquarium

Welcome to the Aquarium!!

The "Cow Nose Ray" touch pool. If you look close you can see a ray under my hand!!!
(yes I touched them!!!)

it's a slimy grainy feel.

Really fun too!

The Sea Lion show!!!

Beluga whales



That was fun!!

More sea lions!

Hmmm, what do you see?

Ahh! I see the frog too!
On to the penguin exhibit

Odd, I have never seen a penguin like that before....

There they are!

These little guys are fast and hard to get pictures of.

Oh! almost!


A Fish. Pretty one too

A Diver Suit. Scary one too.
I can't believe people wore those helmets. They are HEAVY!!

"Making" clay pots at the ancient ships exhibit.

Jeremiah experiencing ancient sea cooking.

Pretty glass fishies

Looking into the jungle tank

Stephie picking her favorite fish.

Ever touched a shark?? I did!! They feel sand-papery

No, we did NOT touch those!!!

Oh look! We found Nemo!!

bright orange colors

"in" the lobster tank.

She is so pretty!

But he is so fierce!!

Shark eggs are really tiny.

Momma shark is a totally different story!!!!

The rays

Jeremiah's new friend

A real turtle

Where's Nemo???

Taking a rest. (avoiding the camera in Caleb's case)

It sure felt nice to sit for a minute!!

Time to say goodbye to the whale,

But not before visiting the gift shop!!!

Hm, pretty!

And thus concludes our trip to the Aquarium.

Next up is a collection of little things we did- like shopping and visiting the naval sub base... this will end the trip posts.

God bless,

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