Friday, August 6, 2010

Family Trip 2010 The Sea Port

My family took a 3 day vacation this year to a beautiful town near the sea.

On our first day we visited the Sea Port, full of history and beautiful wooden ships.

There were many nautical-related activities for children! Here my brothers are pulling ropes attached to 75 lbs weights. "Put your backs into it men!"

Caleb and Stephanie had a rather wet incident while wale hunting.

Caleb found this whale much safer!


"Avast Me Hearties, and let down the Main Sail!"

Our "crew" at the playground.

Life aboard ships were boring at times, as demonstrated by my brother Caleb. Matt I think has Cabin Fever.

Boy, that's one dirty window! Time to swab the decks cabin boys!

It is so pretty here!

My siblings were able to fish for hermit crabs, Stephie caught one and Jeremiah caught a sea snail!

Awwww! Daddy with the littlest ones.

Like my hat? A man once asked me if I was in the service, military or air force because of my hat!!
I bought this on my trip to Maryland back in June. I love this hat!!

This was after crab fishing, trying to let their feet dry.

Katelyn trying to appear "angelic"

Dad and Katey aboard the Charles W. Morgan, last surviving wooden whaling ship left in the world!

Caleb and I at the helm of the Morgan.

Inside the Morgan my siblings tried out the crew's bunks.

Outside the Morgan, she is in restoration. So you climb four flights of stairs to get onto her!

A cute little boat!

Aboard the "Amistad"

the Amistad's main mast

Matthew on the ship

Mom and Katey build an aqueduct at the Map and Navigation museum at the Sea Port

Play with cranes

Some figure heads from ships

These are very large!!

Yachts are plentiful here, and armed apparently. See the tiny cannon?

The Tugs! Exhibit

Inside the Tugboat model

Some Tug boat paraphernalia. I remember watching the cartoon when I was a little girl about Theodore the Tug boat!

And thus concludes our trip to the Sea Port,

next up-The Sea Port Theater!!

God bless,

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