Friday, August 27, 2010

Family Trip 2010- Village and Submarines

Lunch stops were at a famous fast food restaurant during our three day vacation

Dreaming of....

A Mocha Frappe!!!

Katey at the hotel playing with her Shark

Stephie playing with her dolphin

Caleb enjoying the hotel!

Dinner at a little "snack shack" by the river


pretty view

Awww... so cute!

See the water behind us? This little Snack Shack has a gorgeous view of the river, and a lovely breeze!

On our last day we visited an "Olde Village" mostly shops that sold novelty items, clothing, toys, kitchenware and so on!

Some of the Village's local residents have the tendency to bathe in public!


There were alot of ducks down there.

Well, that pretty much sums that up for you. :)

Talk about bear hugs...

Local security tends to be one the "huggable" side

Every stuffed toy animal lovers dreams in one shop!


Talk about taking your smelling system for a joy ride!

A few patriotic souls

I think Collin has the "mood" for the hat!

Awww, you guys look great!

Some cowboys and cow girl.

more cowpokes. :)

The Navy Base

Some antique submarines.

Duck and Cover!!!!

My sister tries out the controls

near torpedoes

Going onto the Nautilus submarine

it is very neat being inside the sub, although the manikins are a bit creepy.

Well, that wraps up our trip!!!

More posts on wedding planning soon.

God bless,

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