Wednesday, August 18, 2010

So What is it Like to be Engaged?

Well, its different! :)

We have been engaged for about 2 months now, and I am loving it.
Not only do I have a very beautiful engagement ring, I have a very sweet and godly Fiance to go with it!!

It is nice to not be just the old "Boyfriend/Girlfriend" but to be Fiances. I like that word, it sounds so... sophisticated!! LOL

We knew at the outset that our courtship was headed toward marriage, but it is neat that other people realize it too! I'll never forget the gasp from the congregation when Pastor announced the engagement. :)

And planning a Wedding, whats that like??

I'll be glad when I don't have to plan any more!! LOL. We haven't done much other then gather ideas and check things out, but as exciting as planning is, I will still be happy when its over.
(I'll be married obviously... that might help!!! LOL)

I can't help but think it is possible that within a little under a year's time I will be married.
I'll miss my family, I'm practically second Mommy here.

My last fall here, kinda hard to believe.

My life will change drastically within a year!!
I will have a husband, home and new ministries. It will be a grand adventure, no doubt about that!

I am thankful that we are engaged.
Our relationship has grown even more special.
I get to call his parents "Dad and Mom" already, that is so nice.
Justin was a little shy about it but calls my parents " Dad and Mom" too now, and is not shy anymore.

Thankyou so much for all your prayers!!

God bless,


Sally, Greg, Hannah and Jacob said...

Oh yes...I remember those days! Not too very long ago I was in planning mode as well. My advice?

-Don't stress's supposed to be a fun time! :)
-Take all the help that is offered.
-Stick to your budget (believe me-you will want to indulge when you start shopping!!!)
-HAVE FUN! You're only engaged ONCE! :)


Sharon said...

Hey Rebecca!
Just letting you know, I tagged/awarded you at my blog because I love yours so much!

You don't have to participate, but I would love for you to! The "rules" are optional, too. :)
Have a lovely day in Him!