Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Church Plant and Wedding News

This past Wednesday we had a prayer of dedication for Pastor David, the new church starts this Sunday!!

Justin spent most of the day working at the church building, helping to get it done. The church building was a bar when Pastor Dave first bought it, but now it will be a church! Praise the Lord!!

So, I am busy with the wedding planning!!! It is fun and it makes my head spin too!! lol

The appointment at the reception hall went great! I really loved the place, and the pricing is reasonable. So Justin and I are praying about it now. So, we shall see what happens!!

We are going to do a butterfly theme for the wedding, so I have been looking around for decorations and ideas to incorporate butterflies.

I am looking at wedding dresses at as they do have some modest dresses.

I recently joined, so I know have a wedding countdown ticker!!

Keep us in prayer!!

God bless,


Jennifer said...

My dress is actually an Eternity gown! The Lord really worked that out for me! I got mine for half off, because the store was closing their wedding line of dresses! And when I called they only had 3 dresses left in my size! I went, tried them on, and found the perfect one for me! You will be amazed at how the Lord will work everything out!

Anonymous said...

I think your answer to the prayer about the reception hall is that if you are happy with it, then He will be too. God bless.