Sunday, September 12, 2010

O Wondrous Love -

Way back in the summer of 2007 I happened to hear this beautiful song called "O Wondrous Love" by Steve and Vikki Cook. I always thought it would be such a pretty song for a wedding.

I forgot about the song until recently, I was actually with Justin and his family and there was a cd playing. The song started playing.

I asked Justin what he thought of that song for our wedding and he said he liked it.
So, the hunt began to find the music.

I visited many websites and sent emails to a few people.... only to find out the song is out of print!!

I looked on and there was ONE copy of the SATB arrangement for the song! My mom ordered it and it just came in this past week!!!!!

I can't praise the Lord enough for this special little miracle!!

You can hear the song at this You tube link "O Wondrous Love"

O Wondrous Love that will not let me go,
I cling to you with all my strength and Soul,
Yet if my hold should ever fail,
This Wondrous love will never let me go,

O Wondrous Love that's come to dwell in me,
Lord who am I? that I should come to know,
Your tender voice assuring me,
Your wondrous love will never let me go,

O Wondrous love that sings of Calvary,
The sweetest song this sinner's ever known,
the song of your redeeming Son,
Who's wondrous love will never let me go.

I'm resting in, in the everlasting arms,
In the ever faithful Heart,
The Shepherd of My life,
You carry me, on Your mighty wings of Grace,
Keeping me until the Day
I look into Your eyes

O Wondrous Love that rushes over me,
I can't escape this river's glorious flow,
You overwhelm my days with good,
Your Wondrous Love will never let me go.

God bless,


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