Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Picture Frames, News and Prayer request

I love taking pictures! And of course I enjoy finding the perfect frame for my special snapshots of life. We will start in my own room!
This photo is from my trip to Maryland this past summer to visit some friends.

The Angel frame was a gift from my Aunt Donna, the picture of the young couple is of my parents when they were engaged. I am in the next pic and the red jewel frame is a picture of my little buddy and brother!

A picture of Justin and I from our 6 month anniversary of courtship. (It's been a whole year since then!!! Wow!) And a sweet picture of my littlest sister

A collage Frame, another picture of Katelyn and a photo of a "fairy"... my other sister. I had edited her photo and it came out so cute!

The collage frame, my parents on the bottom and I. Justin and his parents on the top.

This one is on my nightstand, photo was from Christmas day last year.

My two youngest siblings.

On to the living room, we have a collage of all the kids in our family!

Other little frames

This one is my favorite!! :)

The other day my mother and I were shopping at Kohls and we browsed through their picture frames- I can hardly wait to decorate my own little place someday!! :)

Choir College went very well, Al Smith's (of singspiration) son Dr. David Smith led the program the concert was beautiful and we even had orchestration for a couple songs! both of my grandmothers came.

This past Sunday Justin and I did a little research online looking for different things for the wedding. We also looked at some wedding bands. (that was fun!!) We would like matching bands. There are alot of unique styles out there! Justin even found some celtic type ring styles!

Tonight I got to help Justin with some homework from one of his college classes. It is "planning a wedding" of all things!! lol. Another girl in his class was having her boyfriend help her with the assignment!

On a final note, please keep my grandfather in prayer. He has prostate cancer and had surgery yesterday to remove some cancer. He is home now and in some pain. The doctors plan to start radiation in a few weeks. They expect full recovery, but we do not know what will happen. We are trusting our Great Physician to heal my grandpa and for his salvation.

God bless,

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George said...

I will be praying for your grandpa, Becca!
I liked seeing all your frames and photos! I just love the memories pictures bring. I still love to see the one you gave me of you and me together. :)
Love you!