Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sarah and Richie's Wedding!!

Justin's family and I went to the wedding of Richie and Sarah W. this past weekend.

The theme was ocean, isn't that a gorgeous cake??

All the sea shells were edible!!

The reception tables center pieces (these are real shells)

The Bridal Table

The moment they had waited for all their lives

Prayer and scripture readings

"You may now show the appropriate amount of public affection,"
-Pastor Camp.
(Justin's pastor)

That got a huge laugh!!!

Everybody meet Mr. Mrs. Richie W!!

Reception mingling

Jessica, and friends

Anna and Leah

The happy couple!!

The meal

Congratulations Richie and Sarah!!!

God bless,

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~SALLY~ said...

Oh WOW! That food looks like it tasted AWESOME!!!!!! Love the "you may kiss the bride" statement from the pastor...that was great!!!