Friday, September 17, 2010

Update on Life

So, it has been one exciting week here!

Sunday was a quiet day, I was studying for school mostly.
I had an exam in Baptist Distinctives on Monday, (got a 98!)
On Tuesday my parents, Justin and I had an appointment at a reception hall to check it out. Nice place but we probably will not use it for our wedding.

Wednesday is church, but before church is kid's choir practice for about an hour. The Lord blessed me and I got to spend that time with Justin while my siblings sang. It is quite sweet to sit out at a picnic table on the campus and just talk!

Thursday- wow that day was busy!! We had to take my little brother Caleb to a medical center, he had gotten a gash on his ear. (the Dr glued it shut, it is looking better!) Brandon picked me up at the medical center and took me to the college. I had dinner with Justin then off to Ladies' Discipleship class to take our first quiz of the semester. After that I ran to the church for the last half hour of Choir College (a little training time for us, it is wonderful!!)

Today is Friday, busy day once again. I went to the second night of college choir. I even got to see Justin and his family!! :)
Tomorrow we have three hours of practice for the Choir College then a concert at 7.
And then Sunday comes around!! Justin is coming for lunch, and hopefully we will be able to do a little online research for the wedding planning. Maybe watch an episode of the "Dick Van Dyke Show"

Justin is doing well. He is working full time at 3rd shift. I must say he works hard, and he is a good worker. And even when he is very tired he makes time for me.

I am SO GLAD I waited for the Lord's best when it came to courting. It it so worth it!! I thought I would never find anyone, that I was just not noticeable. I thought my case was hopeless!! But God blessed me with a very sweet young man, a hard worker, an encourager, a best friend and a handsome Fiance!! ;) I am just so amazed and so in awe of what the Lord has given me!!

So don't give up hope!! God has the man perfect for you (and the girl perfect for you guys!!)

God bless,


Anonymous said...

I hope you don't mind me asking this- you seem very strong in your faith, and I know that you are in premarital counseling. What would you do or what would you think if your pastor told you and Justin that he really feels that it isn't God's will for you and Justin to get married and that it's really been "laid upon him" or whatever that both of you would serve God better celibate for life? Hope that's not too loaded of a question, but when I was your age that kind of compelling was going on a lot in my church group.

~Rebecca~ said...

In answer to your question, I would be very surprised if my pastor told us to stay single. It is not a guarantee that one would serve Christ better. I am Baptist. I know my pastor is very approving of marriage being scriptural and good. I also know that with the future ministry Justin is called to he needs a wife! I am sorry that kind of pressure was put on you. it is sad. What would I do? I don't really know. Praise God our parents and both pastors have blessed our coming union.

HIS daughter said...

Wow :) What an encouragement and it just made me think again of how amazing God's timing and plan is! HE IS SO GOOD! :)

Sharon said...

How sweet! :) Thank-you for the encouragement to wait for God's timing. His way is always best!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rebecca. Perspectives were very different when I was your age, and it wasn't that long ago! I am looking forward to seeing your wedding pictures. God bless