Friday, October 15, 2010

The 2nd Annual Youth Fest -2010

The Day started a 6:30 in the morning and went for me till 8pm.
The Youth Fest officially ended at 4, but I helped with taking all the stuff down and then I had to go to class.

There were 700 teens in attendance and 150 workers.

My Fiance and I.
:) Last year we were on opposite ends of the field! But this year the Lord blessed and our booths were closer together.

Welcoming visitors.

Waiting for more.

Janierra and I

Justin and some friends.

Pastor walked by and gave this raquet to Dan... why? We never found out! But it gave us a chuckle as we debated what it was for.

Debating the tennis Raquet. Maybe to stop passing cars? Maybe to stop passing teens? Maybe to... tennis anyone??

Finally some teens arrive!

Mellisa, Yessenia and Donisha smile while...

Aaron tries to figure out the camera.

Beautiful smiles!

Mr. P. decked out in a very sophisticated red toque and matching apron to make Funnel cakes!!

I ran into a little opposition from a guy with rubber-band pistols while exploring the grounds.
Dan likes to pose I guess.

"Let's shoot Dan!" -Justin
"Yeah! Let's shoot Dan!" -Rich

Dan oblivious to the plot.

Justin and Rich decided to save their plan for later and just shoot the targets.
(like those expressions!)

Dan tried to just "look cool". lol

Paul, the juggler.

Matt capturing the attention of 700 teens

the college choir singing.

By 9:30 am the booths officially opened. This was Justin's booth

This was mine

I rig each trap to either go off or not to go off, its a guessing game.

A few enthusiastic girls trying my game

Hey look, it's me!

One of my little friends came to play!

just a few of 700 teens.

The grounds were so colorful!

Two more "mature" ladies were absolutely hilarious while competing at the Pit Stop Time Challenge.

The bantering and exchange of teasing remarks was priceless!

Oh look, I have another visitor. Want to try Dan?

He tried to take the bait.

But, got caught! aw, too bad Dan!

One of the few brave souls of the Dunk Tank.

Mrs. B gives her husband a hug...

Before he takes to the skies! No, he did not fly the plane,
but he threw out the goodies!

The teens waiting for the air drop.

It was hilarious to see them all running in one direction!!

My Brother tries his hand at being a one man pit stop crew!

Way to go little brother!

Pastor's granddaughter tries her hand at golfing.

Mrs. P and the "Labyrinth" game, a fancy and hard maze to accomplish.

It is harder then it looks!

My cousin, Sarah, trying bottle fishing.

A teen guy wearing a hot pink sign labeled "Food" will always draw a crowd!!!

And at the other end of the Campus we had...

The Dodgeball court

Big hit!

teens waiting in line to play Dodge Ball

The Obstacle course and Paint ball range

Pastor (in the blue shirt) watching teens getting covered in paint-balls!

Justin's sister, Jessica, helped out at the obstacle course!

Strong Man competition by the dormitories.
These last two pictures are from 2009, this is when we take everything down and pack it up. I would have taking pictures this year but I forgot.

These parts are very very heavy, as I learned the hard way!
Heavy lifting, a hot sun and not drinking enough water was not a good idea on my part... but the other workers caught on and made me sit down. Lol. Justin of course being the most adamant. Lesson learned though! Memo to self-Next year bring lots of water!!!

All considered, it was a fun exhausting and exciting day as 12 teens accepted Christ as Savior!

Praise the Lord!!


Stephanie said...

Rebecca - that racquet is actually a badminton racquet which might have changed your conversation, a little. :)

~Rebecca~ said...

Thanks Stephanie! We were trying to figure out why pastor gave it to Dan in the first place!!