Thursday, November 4, 2010

Five Little Smiles

I had a photo shoot with my five youngest siblings recently, this was the best one, but it took a long time to get it! You will see why!

Always one who doesn't smile...

or two...

My five little people.

Trying to get five children to smile, look at the camera and possibly have their eyes open at the same time is nigh impossible.

Five minutes into the session and already they want to quit!!

Caleb trying to give me "his biggest bestest smile!"

Matthew gives his classic "Matt Grin"

They all seem to be thinking "Smiling hurts!"
So they tried something else....

Well... that's interesting.

Matthew was probably the most facially expressive person I have ever met.

Till Katey made this face!


God bless,

(Five little Smiles will be continued....)

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Miss Emily Rachael said...

Photographing children is always a challenge but so much fun at the same time! <3