Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Midterms, Wedding plans

Hi Everybody!

Things here are busy, as usual. With school and wedding planning its getting even busier!!
I had a midterm Monday night for Baptist Distinctives, got a 97!! Hooray!!

I went to a bridal shop Saturday to try on some gowns, so now I have an idea of what I like- just need to find a modest one- amen! I would appreciate your prayers for this!

Justin is doing well, busy with school and work too. We get what time we can together, but it is very "go with the flow". It is so crazy at times, that it is point-blank obvious that God arranges our time together. Which is encouraging to me. I have seen so many answered prayers and well-nigh miracles for Justin and I to spend time together, that there is no doubt that God is directing our relationship.

My family is doing pretty good, the cold is going through and of course, we share and I got a helping of some sharing! Between cough-drops and Day-Quil.... I'll live!

Mission's conference this week, I can't wait! It will be exciting.

Thursday is my next midterm for Ladies' Discipleship- excellent class!

So, I can't wait to hear from you!

God bless,


~SALLY~ said...

Ohhhh boy...I remember my wedding dress nightmare! Ha! I ordered mine from an online website (I DON'T RECOMMEND DOING THAT!!!) and when it came in I had to lose 25 pounds to get into it as they wouldn't let me return it. Oh, and I had a broken foot too. (yeah, I broke my foot 2 months before my wedding...brilliant.)

Don't worry though...you will find the perfect, MODEST dress and you will be a beautiful bride!!! I can't wait to read THAT post! :) :)

Kali said...

Modest dresses can be so hard to find. I hope you find one that you love!

I'm not married or anywhere close, but I like to look and see what's out there occasionally. :) I had never heard of Bonny brides before so I was excited to see something new...and even better that there's a boutique near me that carries their line!