Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Purple and Green


So, here are a few wedding details!! The color theme is green and purple,
If you asked me my favorite color I would say green and purple! It also fits the butterfly theme.

The color theme however is not just because I love purple and green, but its also because of this bracelet. This bracelet was a gift from Justin when we went to a fair in fall 2009. When he gave it to me he said it was because it was in "your colors."

Reminds me of how the noble ladies would give a ribbon to their favorite knight, and he would proudly display her "colors" lol.

It seems like we are going to go with the Reception Hall I visited last week. It has a beautiful colonial/rustic feel to it. The owner is very down to earth, and very accommodating. He will even make a special dish for one of my bridesmaids who has a wheat allergy. This place even won "theknot.com" best wedding reception hall in my state for 2010! We hope to put down the deposit on the place soon. Once we get the hall out of the way, I can focus on other stuff.

Galina, my maid of honor has been such big help with the planning!!

She lives out of state but through email, texts and phone calls we are planning!!!

The planning is going very well! And it is so exciting to see God's hand in it all!

Trying to show off my ring.... :)

Every time I look at my ring I still can hardly believe everything that is happening, here I am 21, engaged to be married to the best and dearest man in the whole world... It's hard to believe!

Not to mention so very handsome too!! ;)

Since we started planning the wedding and premarital counseling our relationship has grown in leaps and bounds! It has been so exciting! We are learning so much about one another, and finding that waiting for God's best is the very best way to go!!

God bless,

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Amber Noella said...

I am so so excited! Can it be possible for someone you don't know to be this excited??!!!