Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Preperations

Taking a break from cooking (and obivously dishes) to say Hi!!

Mom and I have been busy cooking and prepping for Thanksgiving dinner. Lets see, the Peanut butter pie is done, the chocolate pecan pie just came out of the oven, the butterhorn rolls are rising and the cookie dough cheese cake is chilling in the fridge. Macaroni salad is ready to go. After I finish this post I have to peel and cut the potatoes for tomorrow. I think mom will be making sweet potato casserole soon too.

Dishes dishes dishes. There are so many!!! lol

ahhh... what a refreshing sight! a clean sink!!

So, the plan is that my grandparents are coming over tomorrow. We might have a family visit for dessert tomorrow night.

Well, Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!


God bless your meal preparations, give your families safety as they travel, cheesecakes that don't crack and perfectly roasted Turkeys!

~Rebecca :)

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George said...

We're also having chocolate pecan pie and butterhorn rolls! :)

Love you,