Friday, November 12, 2010


Thankyou everybody for your sweet comments on the engagement pictures. Justin and I looked at them together Thursday, we still have to pick out favorites. I did the above photo to go with the fall atmosphere of our portraits.

I think my favorites were the ones lying in the leaves and the ones on the bench.

The wedding planning is going along very well... with the exception of finding my dress. I just asked the last girl for my bridal party. I will have a post up soon about my girls.

God bless,



Julia said...

I love this picture!

Alexandra said...

Hi Rebecca,

Wow, that is a wonderful photo. You said you took the photo? Awesome job! You have a great talent!

Love, Alex :)

~SALLY~ said...

Oh GOODNESS girl...I am behind the times here! GORGEOUS pictures Rebecca...I like them ALL...but you are right. The laying in the leaves picture is probably my favorite.

I think there may be a slight chance that Justin likes you...*ahem*. Watch out for them boys! :))))

~Rebecca~ said...

Thankyou Julia!

Thanks Alexandra, I love photography!!

Yes Sally, I think he likes me too! lol!