Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Banquet 2010 pics

We had a great time!!
I hope you enjoy these photos!!!!

Justin's sister Jessica with Aaron.

I loved Jessica's ice blue dress!!!

Melanie and Jessica

My mom and Dad came too!

Joy and I, she made that dress!! Isn't it beautiful?

Ladies' ensemble sang a Carol Medley.

Table decor.

A Duet.

Justin's gifts to me. The two white roses corsage was special I found out. When he had asked me to start courting in 2009 he gave me two white roses that day. To symbolize to people pure before the Lord.

We had a great group!

Dan D. being himself. Nice bucket.

Collin and Paul.

Amy and Paul

Aaron and Paul.

Hannah, Melanie, Jess

Guys not looking at the camera

Collin's outfit was very festive.

Heather and Randall

Father and Son

A "calm" moment. (didn't last long)

Seniors soon to graduate!!!

Kriss and Yessenia

Justin sneaks into a pic


Aaron and Mark doing... who knows what.

“It is a curious thought, but it is only when you see people looking ridiculous that you realize just how much you love them.” Agatha Christie.
Justin has a way of reminding me there is a little boy deep down inside him.

I guess guys will just be guys.

Mr and Mrs. W, and "Uri" with his sweetheart.

The Guys.

The Girls

head count? 13 guys 16 girls.

Festive Hearts and lovely smiles.

Matt & Alyssa

The three Musketeers, friends since their freshman year of 2007

A few of the girls having a bit of fun!

"Uri" and his sweetheart

Senior class of 2011!!! Justin is on the right end.

Congrats guys and gals! You are almost done!!! :)

Hannah, Joy, and Melissa

Hannah and Joy and I had to get a photo together too!

Janiqua, Dan B., Dan D., and Andrew.
Andrew is trying to get Dan D. out of Janiqua and Dan's picture

Matt, Alyssa and Co.

Mark & Melissa, Yesse & Kriss.

Melissa and Yesse adores their guys in between snapshots.

Cute couples, and good friends.

Jessica and I.

Aaron, Jessica, me and Justin.

Aaron actually wants to be Mr. Peppermint I think

What a character! lol.

Aaron being himself. lol.

Showing off the roses Justin gave me and the Corsaige.

Well, we all know that Collin had fun.

It was snowing when we left the banquet!!! A perfect ending!

My Mom and Dad in front of our tree.

And to end this post, here is the sweet card Justin gave me.
It was adorable!!!

God bless,


rashid said...

very nice post..Thanks for sharing this with us. But can you provide some more details aboutbanquet table?

gracekay said...

looks like a great party!! i love the idea behind the two white roses :)