Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Day at Our House

Good morning everyone.

lets put on some Christmas music and get started!

Caleb is ready to get started!! Here we were listening to Jeremiah read Luke 2

Some happy little people

A gift for the family from Collin. This game is alot of fun!

Caleb got a very cute shirt!

Collin received a set of wrenches. He has been restoring an old bike he found recently, as well as building a motor onto a chopper "schwinn stingray" bike so I am sure they will be put to good use!

A crock pot!

I open the next gift...

oh, another crockpot.

I ended up getting three!! lol
I love crock pots.

I also received this beautiful servers set.

Breakfast was homemade cinnamon rolls!

Christmas Lunch!!

Kat, Matt and Stephie with Grandpa!

Jeremiah and Grandma

Matthew was so excited to get this Woody and Buzz toy set.

Caleb's favorite character from Toy Story.

Grandpa opening his gift

A Mug that says "we love grandpa!"

My Grandparents gave me a convection oven!!!

My Buddy

The kids enjoying dessert.

Cousin Elisabeth and I spent the afternoon together

later on Dad and Mom made Sicilian pizza for supper.

Justin's family came to visit later on
We had a great time with his family.

... and yes Collin is being...Collin.
But how about Justin's goatee?? I love it!!

God bless,

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Miss Emily Rachael said...

Yeah, you're for sure getting married. I mean 3, 3! crock pots and a convection oven lol. Oh and the Wii sports resort is a fun game!!!