Friday, December 17, 2010

Putting up the Tree

Setting up the tree is quite interesting at my house

We have a fake tree that is from my mom's childhood. Collin, my brother, "helped."

And you will see what I mean!!

He does this every year....

I don't know why. Tree skirt becomes his cape and garlands his scarf.

Getting the lights ready.

so pretty! I love this shot!! :)

Now trying to fix the lights.

Once we fixed that we worked on the Garlands.

First though I had to get them off of Collin.

He didn't want me to take them though.

But now you can see the Garlands made it onto the tree!

Handing out the decorations.

Hanging them on the tree

Childhood memories :)

Our Beautiful tree!
Merry Christmas!!

God Bless,


Amber Noella said...

Oh, lovely! What a lot of fun that must have been! Me & my Grandma just got finished putting up the tree today.

Miss Emily Rachael said...

Your brother Collin is just so funny!

HIS daughter said...

Oh that is beautiful! The pics of your brother crack me up! LOL :)
Love and hugs! :)