Wednesday, January 12, 2011

7 Months Down, 7 to Go

Today marks the official halfway point for Justin and I.
We have been engaged for 7 months, and have 7 months left till the wedding!!

The wedding plans are going fairly well, I am almost done getting all the addresses for the guest list, and hope to begin work on the invitations soon. I already have them!

Lord willing tomorrow Jessica and I will go look at a bridesmaid dress, so we can finally order them. They already have their shoes!! :) Thanks to Galina, she found some perfectly gorgeous ones!!

I have begun thinking about how to decorate the church, and have talked to one of the ladies at my church about that.

I still am having a bit of trouble with finding my dress, and might go with the seamstress route.

I bought my headpiece for the wedding, as well as a necklace and earrings. They are gorgeous and were inexpensive! I plan on using my mom's veil.

Justin and I are starting to think about music for the ceremony, with Jessica's help.

I know what florist we are going with,

I know what bakery will make the cake,

So, not bad for 7 months so far to plan. There are still many details though!!

Praise the Lord!
As crazy as wedding planning is... I'm glad to be doing it!
Because it means I am getting married!!!



Amber Noella said...

ah!!! You're getting married!!!

Stephanie said...

Hey Rebecca -- I'm only leaving this comment because moderation is enabled. i don't think it is something you need to answer unless you feel called.

I was not raised with modesty as a virtue, etc and sex ed, etc., was a big part of my upbringing making my wedding night not a big mystery.... I'd really love to know how your parents have handled this and how you feel about the whole "wedding night" stuff.... I can see how it might be really frightening if you were completely in the dark but also so very exciting if it's all so new!!!

~Rebecca~ said...

Hi Stephanie,
Your question is great. I am happy to answer.

I knew very little about sex until after I was engaged. Part of my pre-marital counseling with my pastor requires Justin and I to read Intended for Pleasure, by Dr. Ed Wheat. At first I was frightened, but fascinated. Justin and I have developed a confidence in each other about talking over stuff, so I told him about my fears. GOD IS SO GOOD to me! Justin was so kind and understanding and he helped me get past my fears. :) I am highly anticipating the wedding night and honeymoon. I have a very sweet and godly young man.

My parents were fine with me reading this book and my mom will answer my questions.

I am blessed!!

Your question was good, and I have been asked before.

thanks! Rebecca