Friday, January 14, 2011

Letters to Justin

Dear Justin,

I'm one very blessed girl,

Because God gave me a very special young man.

You are always there for me, willing to listen and ready to encourage,

You have always been so patient!! And when I am discouraged you pray with me, and for me. Always reminding me to trust the Lord

Always so quick to forgive, and never hesitating to apologize.

I love you.

I love to remember all the laughs we share, and our own little jokes.

You are all I ever hoped for, and to be honest dear, even more then I could have hoped for!

I love being with you.

You tell the best stories, and always have something funny to share.

You are a dependable, godly and handsome young man!

I am SO BLESSED to have you!
I can't wait to marry you!



Amber Noella said...

SO sweet! A real beauty you are.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait till you get married! Lol

Jennifer said...

you two look so happy together. Looking forward to seeing the wedding pictures.

Love Unawakened said...


HIS daughter said...

awww that is so so so sweet! I can hardly wait till we are both married! You are such an amazing encouragement to me girl! You have been such a blessing to my life! :)
Love and hugs!

~SALLY~ said...

*sigh................* you are SUCH a romantic gal! I am sure Justin is totally taken with you as well!

And don't forget...write letters to Justin AFTER you are married too!!! (although you probably won't want to publish them here for all of us to read! LOL!!!) :D

All Things Lovely said...

You make a beautiful couple! AUGUST 12TH IS MY BIRTHDAY! :)