Saturday, January 29, 2011

More on Bible College

In answer to one of my readers...

"Why did you go to night college? Was it so you could watch your siblings during the day?"

I actually went to the night school originally just to "get a taste" of what going to Bible college would be like (i.e. what would be expected of me) I was only going to take one class that fall semester of 2007

But, I just kept going! Although I was almost done with my registration for a regular day college back in 2008, I had no peace about it. I took that semester off of school completely and after much prayer, the Lord led me back to the night college.

For a long time though I struggled with regret for skipping that semester.... "I could have graduated earlier if only I had gone...."
"What a mistake..."

But, one night while talking to one of my teachers it suddenly dawned on me that it was no mistake!!
I get to graduate with my Fiance along with many other blessings and benefits. I am touching lives and being touched by the lives of others that would not have happened if I had graduated earlier. Such sweet relieving peace filled me. God makes no mistakes, and I hadn't made one either.

Yes, One of the benefits has been being able to help my mom out at home! I am currently homeschooling my youngest sister. I have been teaching her to read, it has been such a thrill to see her actually starting to read!

God bless,


Miss Emily Rachael said...

I can totally agree with having to deal with regret, but I'm glad you saw the blessings that came with not graduating early. <3

Anonymous said...

Thanks for responding. God bless