Thursday, January 6, 2011

Our First Movie!!

My siblings and I made our first movie, its about 6 minutes long and cute!!!
The Story is about Matthew's favorite toy monkey "Bob" and the fact that he is missing.

please let me know think!!!

turn off the music at the bottom of the page before you watch the movie, and also please let me know if the video won't load.

Praise the Lord!


Mrs. Smith said...

I had written a much longer note of appreciation and compliment to the "First Movie". Somehow it deleted and I can't redo it at this time. What I will do is tell you in person all that I loved about it the next time I see you.
Love and prayers to all of you,
Mrs. Smith

George said...

Wonderful job to all of you!
Collin is very versatile - I kept seeing him in different roles!
I loved how you did the news scene, Becca!

Love you!

Lina said...

So cute! I love the blooper reel! Everyone did an excellent job! Caleb made me laugh ;)

<3 Lina

~SALLY~ said...

Oh wow! How neat! I love alot of things about this...

1. All your sisters are dressed so modestly...beautiful!

2. You all get along very well together (at least in THIS post..ha!), which is unusual sometimes in larger families.

3. The bloopers were hysterical!

4. Very creative!!!

Good job...especially to the soon-to-be Mrs.!!!

Anonymous said...

Haha Cute! :) Umm....Well I just tagged you on my blog! Hope you like it...:) I guess...LOL