Monday, February 28, 2011

Heart Shaped Plates!!!

Aren't these heart-shaped plates adorable???
I received these from Haley, one of my dear friends and one of my bridesmaids!
She mentioned in the card that she thought they were a good idea, especially for those first meals after Justin and I get married!

Fantastic idea Haley! They are so cute!! Thankyou!!

Mom and Dad gave me a year's subscription to Picnik,
(a photo-editing site)
And Justin gave me an iced-coffee, lol, and Calla Lily bulbs to plant in the spring!

God bless, and thankyou to everyone who wished me a happy Birthday!!


Sunday, February 27, 2011

I Made It!!

Today I turn 22!

God bless,

Friday, February 25, 2011

Life is Interesting

Me and little sis Kat!

Life is really interesting.
One day you are cheery, life is great! Then the next day everything falls apart. Then you get cheery again and then... well you get the picture! :)

The laptop I use to blog is very stubborn. It is plugged in and still won't charge and dies within 5 minutes... then decides its going to start charging. *rolls eyes*

And I went back to the Dr because I still have a blocked ear. She gave me a another prescription. Apparently there is fluid blockage behind my ear drum. I'm just tired of being sick all the time! Bronchitis last year, followed by colds, and now my ear, and I have a cold again.

But anyways... Sunday is my Birthday! I am turning 22!

Justin is coming over to visit for a little bit, and for some yumi Chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake!!

God Bless,

Friday, February 18, 2011

He Gives Me Joy

How often do we remember to stop and consider the love God shows to us?
I certainly need to think on His love much more.

And the Joy of the Lord, what a blessing! Happiness is dictated by our circumstances, yet we can still have Joy regardless of our circumstances!!

This past week was a hard one for me, I wasn't feeling too well, my ear is still blocked... and so on. But, God kept giving me little blessings to keep me going. Here are some blessings from today.

Justin texted me this morning that he loved me and missed me.

My littlest sister today came over to me, her hair in braids that were coming loose, and she wrapped her little arms around me and said, "I love you Becca so much!!"
I hugged her and told her I loved her too.

My mom gave me a hug too, since I am taller then her she puts her head on my shoulder. Its so sweet and cute and I LOVE it!!!

My sister Stephie told me all about her books she has been reading about Tinkerbell today. ALL about them! lol. I enjoyed it.

And tonight, Caleb, my little buddy... he was folding some towels. He looked so cute I wanted to give him a hug too! So I said, "Caleb, I feel like giving you a hug, and I can give you a hug! Do you want one?" So, he gave me a big old bear hug.

Then he licked my face.

sigh... brothers.

Then my friend Katey was texting me tonight, she is also getting married and we were chatting about how excited we are about our Fiances, and our excitement about being their wives! You can visit Katey here

Now, with my 350th post on this blog, I bid you a great weekend!

God bless,

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Banquet 2011 Photos

Hello from our table at the Valentine Banquet!
Meet, Mark & Melissa, Yesse and Kris, Bruce & Amanda, and Justin & I.
Don't we look like such genteel people?
So sweet, and mature?

"Just you wait!"

Yesse smiling at Kris... these two have been together a few months more then Justin and I.

Such lovely smiles!

My handsome Fiance gave me 12 gorgeous red roses!!
After a great meal, sermon, games and dessert we had some fun fellowship.

Justin and his sister Jessica share a sweet sibling moment...

Then... they kept up being sweet siblings!
lol, this was posed- to be honest, the relationship between these two is wonderful.

Jessica is in her second semester at the college and she is doing great.
Ben asked her to the banquet this year as a friend.

Janierra and Ashley dazzle in their lovely gowns!
It is so much fun to wear the gowns and hear the rustle of the fabric!

Janierra, she has an abundance of hugs!!

Paul and Amy.

Yes, we were outside, and yes he is lying in the snow, and no, I do not know why.
But he looked mighty cute!!

"Hurry up and take the picture! It's freeing out here!!!"

Alyssa and I! Both of us are Brides-to-be!!!

Mark & Melissa will now define submission...

:) "Definition of Submission"
Actually he was goofing off and one of her friends called her. I just snapped the photo at the perfect moment!!!

If anyone is looking for some interesting characters... just come to our college!!!
There seems to be an abundance of young men with a great sense of humor!

We girls just chuckle at their antics...

My very special man and I!!

Bruce & Amanda.

Attempt #1 at a good group shot...
We girls all smile sweetly... but masculine humor abounds.

Attempt #2... hmmmm.

Finally a good photo!

Joy and I, one of my sweet friends, she attends my college class with me.

We were more of a patriotic feel then a Valentine one! My dress is a deep sapphire blue, but the flash from cameras make it look like a bright blue.

Hannah and Joy in their beautiful gowns!

Amy admires Paul's handiwork.
(it's a flower made from paper)

Hannah and Janierra!! These two are my "choir buddies" and good friends!

Matt and Hannah, Ariel & Richard

The Education Majors with Dr and Mrs.B.
Congrats to them, they will be graduating in May!!!
Justin is a Secondary Ed. major.

Dan wrapped up the evening by "borrowing" roses and making a "Thanks Everybody" Speech.

We had a great time at the banquet, it was a very special evening of fellowship, and for us couples a time to celebrate.

God bless,

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Stephie's Birthday Party Photos!

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Photos from my sister's 12th birthday party!!

Valentine Banquet photos coming soon!!


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Six Months to Go!!!!!!

In exactly 6 months....

I will wake up in the morning.
I will spend probably one of the craziest mornings of my life preparing.
I will put on a gorgeous white dress.
I will walk down the aisle with my father.
I will make a sacred promise to this man.

I will kiss this man for the first time.

We will begin our new life together.

Now, granted it will not happen as smoothly as this.... but its the general idea!!

6 months to go!!

God bless,

Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Banquet Tonight... Memories

Tonight is the College Valentine Banquet!!
Justin and I are attending, and my parents bought tickets for this year too!
I am looking forward to this evening!

Justin and I will be celebrating more then Valentine's day though.

Soon it will be under 6 months till the wedding!!

God bless,

Amber Noella asked if this was where we first met....
The first time we actually talked to each other was in fact at the Valentine Banquet of 2008, my brother's best friend asked me to go with him since he was shy and knew me since I was like 3 years old. lol.

But Justin happened to be at the table we were sitting at, and to be quite honest Justin and I were the only ones talking that evening!! I remeber thinking that he was a pretty neat guy, and that I would enjoy talking to him again. He was so funny, and liked to talk! (A fact I have enjoyed!) I hoped he would... but he didn't!!!

According to Justin... at the end of the spring semester of 2008, he began to wonder if the Lord was leading him to try to get to know me better, and if maybe I was "the one."

Well, he got back for the fall semester of 2008.
He noticed I still was not "taken" and began praying about me, and trying to talk to me.
I however did not notice his many attempts! My Dad did though... lol.

By November I slowly started noticing him. God kept doing little things that put us together. I started to like him, and secretly hoped that maybe, just maybe he would ask me to go with him to the Christmas banquet.

He didn't.

BUT.... it was because he really wanted to, but wanted to wait on the Lord.
I went anyways. And I ended up sitting all alone, facing an empty chair.

Justin saw.

"Can I sit with you?"

I happily said yes.

And that's how it all got started.


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Whats New!

Hello Everyone!
So, there are some new things going on in my life recently!

I had to go see my Doctor this pas week, due to a blocked left ear. She took a look and its not from wax build-up like I thought. My ear drum is inflamed and very red. So, it is not vibrating which explains why it is extremely hard for me to hear with my left ear. So, I am on antibiotics and hopefully the ear infection will heal soon! I'm wondering if its connected to the bronchitis I had last year.

It is very annoying though not being able to hear with that ear!!! I have to keep asking my family to repeat stuff because I can't hear what they said!!!

You may have noticed the decrease in photos on this blog. Well, I managed to reach the limit for Picasa web albums free storage. I had to delete alot of photos just to finish "Letters to Justin"

So.... right before or right after I get married I am planning to start a brand new blog! Don't worry I will give you all a link from here once it is ready!!! :)

Wedding news-
Getting ready to work on the invitations and I plan to have a party when I put the invitations all together. I hope to have some friends, Justin's mom and sister, and my cousins over. I think that would be nicer then trying to put 95 invitations together by myself.

95 invitations may not seem much, but we have 229 people on the guest list!! Why so many people? Large families!!! We may have lots of teens and children at the wedding.

I have been working on looking into Butterfly Release companies, to see if we can have a live butterfly release at the reception. The theme is butterflies for the wedding, and Justin and I like the idea of it.

I do all this research and planning and just shake my head in disbelief....

I'm getting MARRIED?


Praise the Lord!!!


(p.s., to my married readers- any advice on wedding planning? like Things that worked for you or things that should be avoided? Thanks!!)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Please Excuse Me, but I have to Brag...

I received this picture via text tonight of my Fiance and a project he has to do for college. He has to make a historical bulletin board.

Now, When I received the photo, I smiled.

This man is amazing, he really is.

He works third shift 4 nights a week, going in at 11pm, getting out around 7am, then he goes to the academy where he student-teaches (part of his 2ndary Ed Major) from 8am to 3:30pm. He gets what sleep he can and has to take care of projects, lessons prep and one class he is taking at the college, plus the teen Sunday school class he teaches and prepares for every week.

Of course this mean we don't get as much time together as we used to, but what little time we do get is usually very sweet and encouraging.

I am very proud of this man.

He is a hard worker, and maintains this crazy schedule so we can get married.

I had to brag tonight. I am just so proud of him!!

God is so good to bless me with Justin,
Yes, we have had tough times,
Yes, we have struggled,
Yes, we have had to apologize to each other,

We have had far more good times,
Many more times of blessings,
And many times of laughter!!

I'm thankful I waited on the Lord and finally trusted Him about who I would someday marry.

It is so worth it to wait for God!!!

I am one young lady who is very proud of her man.
And I love him too!

God bless,

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Visit to Justin's Home Church

This past Sunday I had the wonderful opportunity to hear my Fiance preach!
It was such a joy for me to be able to visit his home church to hear him!

Justin's sister, Jessica, and her good friend Melanie came down to the church from the college and sang a special.

Justin's Pastor's daughter, Anna, played the piano for them.

"College girls"

I spent the day with Justin's family, Melanie and another couple. We had a great time!

God bless,